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TÜV; This website is fully turned to "TÜV Certified power reduction servers' in New Zealand. What this means is the following. The CPU servers from the data centers where our website is part of, is 100% air Wind And Water plants runned. So that even our website is Nature Friendly! Nice side anyway, every little bit helps!

Give your sofa or chair a 2nd life with refurbishing! It is not only better for your own wallet, but your also helping nature! We also use paint-biodegradable substances, so that the waste water is non-toxic and so nature has to suffer the least! In other words, you recycled furniture that you love. 

So all in all, a win win situation!

CE stands for "Conformité Européenne" and is a conformity mark. The label indicates that the manufacturer or importer certifies that products carrying the label meet the requirements of European Directives (EC directives) for these products are made. The content of these European directives relates to legal requirements in the areas of safety, health and environmental impact.

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